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Understanding Boulder Opal History and Sources, Opal Options Australia

If you want to learn more about boulder opals, this article will give you insight to Australian boulder opals, what is a boulder opal, how is a boulder opal sourced and ways to care for boulder opals.

Mining through tones of rock, Australian opal miners work tirelessly to source boulder opals in north state of Australia known as Queensland. What exactly is a boulder opal? How is a boulder opal sourced? Why is a boulder opal so desirable?

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Opal Options investigates these questions and provides you with great knowledge about Australian boulder opals.

Let’s begin with the first question; what is a Boulder Opal?

Featuring a spectacular colour formation, boulder opals are one of the most desired opals in the world. These precious opals have specs of beautiful colours and have been used by lapidary clubs and designers to create stunning jewellery pieces found in many jewellers across the globe.

The boulder opal features many colours but finding a red boulder opal is rare, making it one of the most highly sought-after opals globally. Other highly desirable boulder opal colours that are popular include green and blue coloured opals.

Why is a boulder opal so special and desirable?

Found in Queensland, boulder opal typically displays bright and vibrant colours; its natural iron stone base gives boulder opals the depth of colour, along with varied shapes and sizes makes for unique and desirable jewellery pieces. Boulder opal is one of the most popular gems in the world.

The value of a boulder opal is generally placed on its shape, size and most importantly the colours it portrays. The more colourful a boulder opal is, the expensive it is likely to be.

When mining boulder opals, large earth moving machinery is used to dig through the mine to uncover an opal bearing boulder. They are then cracked open to see if they contain opals within. A lot of rock needs to be broken down to uncover boulder opals and no boulder opal mine produces the same opal, making this opal extremely unique from one boulder to the next.

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How to Care for Boulder Opal?

Boulder opals do not need any special care instructions as they are resilient gems, however taking care from dropping a boulder opal onto a hard surface will ensure it does not chip or scratch. When wearing a jewellery piece made from a boulder opal, it is always recommended you remove the accessory when using cleaning chemicals, doing the gardening or any manual labour work that may cause damage to your boulder opal jewellery piece.

How do I know if my boulder opal is a real opal?

It may be difficult to tell apart a real boulder opal from a doublet or even triplet, especially if the opal has been set into a jewellery piece. One way to find out if your boulder opal is a true and authentic opal gemstone, is by looking at the side to see if the edge of the boulder opal is undulating with smoothly forming lines.

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