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discovering opals



Our Queensland Boulder Opal continues to be the undisputed "king" of all opals, and over the past few decades, these vibrant gems have become very accessible for all to own and admire. 

Freeform shapes not only maximize every little characteristic of the natural artform, but also creates a wonderful challenge for jewelers to set.

However, often the personality of most opals can be expressed in a more symmetrical form which also serves to accentuate its character as it takes centre stage within any setting.  A practice that is frequently overlooked when cutting stones on mass.

Here at Opal Options, we have mastered the technique of liberating all the colourful wonders of what nature intended by taking the time to get to know each stone intimately prior to cutting.

Now, these beautiful gems are not only within your grasp, but may also be shaped (stone dependent),  to complement your setting design rather than the other way around.


Meet max

Opals have been within my family for over four generations now with my great grandparents once owning one of the richest boulder opal mines in Australia, but unfortunately sold it for a song before its full potential was discovered back in 1905.

What started out as a part-time hobby has now evolved into a life passion and an insatiable appetite to harvest these gems and show the world the the beauty hidden within. 

But over the years my workshop has become  overrun and I'm not doing these colourful delights any justice by keeping them locked up for only my eyes to admire.  

My hope is that you treasure these natural gems as much as I have creating them.



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