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  • Do you customise Rub opals?
    Yes, simply choose the opal rub you would like to purchase and tell me the size and shape of your desired final gem quoting the SKU number (under the name of the opal). Shapes are totally dependent on what the stone can accomodate and if possible, are limited to either round, oval, square, pillow, or teardrop.
  • Do you drill "Polished Opals"?"
    Yes, only if the there is enough host rock to accomodate a hole. Please contact me if you desire drilling prior to purchase for an evaluation (quoting the SKU number and name). Please note that drilling finished stones can be risky and this service. Although the utmost care is taken to prevent any damage to the structure of the stone, the 30 day money back guaranty will become void.
  • Can I have a polished opal reshaped?
    Yes, but you are limited to only minor changes such as working a specific corner to make the stone more symetrical or perhaps reducing the height. Again, please contact me prior to making the purchase quoting the SKU number and opal name.
  • Do you "set" opals?"
    No, we only provide the gem itself. We do however, provide a drilling capability if the stone can accomodate it.
  • Where do you your opals originate from?
    All our opals are sustainably sourced from the rich opal fields of south-west Queensland.
  • Are your stones natural or have they been treated in anyway?
    All are opals are solid natural gems. We do not sell doublets, triplets or treat our stones to blacken the background or hide any natural faults.
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