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Drone Mapping for open-cut Opal mines

What is Drone Mapping?

A Drone map is developed by programming the drone to zig-zag across your entire lease and capturing hundreds or even thousands of photos. 


These are then uploaded to a computer which smashes them all together creating one super image of your entire lease. 


With your entire site displayed at your finger tips, you can zoom in and out as if you were hovering high above in a helicopter and landing on a location of your choice.

For the cost less than running your site for a day, a drone map can provide you with a high resolution image of your entire lease to help identify and plan your next dig.

in addition, the drone is also capable of collecting important data of your site to assist with overburden calculations and cubic meterage of your mullock heaps for cost forecasting and rehabilitation planning.

DroneDeploy Plan

Sample of 20-30 hectare leases and their respective elevation analysis

To learn more, please contact OpalOptions

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